The robot that can express emotions while reading

by Sayantani Sanyal
March 28, 2022


Meet OMOY, the robot that can express human feelings while reading text messages

Recent technological developments have ensured that robots can feel, hurt and show emotions. But while emotional expression is quite valued by robots, they are also tasked with understanding human emotions and conveying messages to the users accordingly. The newly developed robot, OMOY, can really understand the feelings of the sender and convey it to the receiver accordingly. The researchers at the University of Tsukuba have built this handheld robot equipped with a movable weight that is driven by mechanical components in the body. By moving the internal weight, the robot was able to express simulated emotions. The robot was used as a facilitator for reading text messages and can be especially useful when the text is rather unwelcome or frustrating. The news is accompanied by a letter of encouragement and advice from OMOY so that the recipient of the message is not upset after hearing the news.

How did the researchers create the robot?

The researchers tested 94 people with different types of messages. The team found that OMOY was able to reduce negative emotions. The weight of the message was shifted, giving the user the correct indication that the robot’s intent was to help calm the recipients of the messages.

The robot’s body expression produced weight shifts that did not require specific external components, such as arms or legs, suggesting that the internal weight movements could reduce a user’s anger or other negative emotions without the use of rich body gestures or facial expressions.

This robot is just another example of technological innovations powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. These disruptive technologies have revolutionized the nature of customer experiences and service delivery by delivering adorable interactive robots that can express positive human feelings and help reduce negative thoughts from users’ minds.

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