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The 3D emoji Microsoft promised alongside the 2D emoji we ended up with.

Was it the last straw that broke the camel’s back? As Microsoft’s Windows 11 version continues to fall short of fan expectations, a new scandal is putting the internet in a raging fury. That’s right, Microsoft lied about its Windows 11 emoji, and now we’re on our knees in Emojigate.

When Microsoft first announced Windows 11, it promised something called a “fluid emoji.” These 3D rendered smileys are amazing, and they were meant to replace the flat, boring emoji used in previous versions of Windows.

But to our horror, Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 11 Insider contains a new set of 2D emoji instead of the 3D “fluid emoji” we were promised. Is it a mistake ?

No, this is not a mistake. Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager, Windows Insider Team, confirm now that Microsoft sticks to 2D emoji. It’s a bit strange, considering that the Windows UK Twitter account showed 3d emoji just a few weeks ago. (LeBlanc claims whoever wrote this tweet just used the wrong graphics… of course.)

So what should we do? Is it time to ditch Windows and find an operating system that respects our need for beautiful emoji? Should we burn our PCs in a giant bonfire? Throw rotten vegetables at Bill Gates? Maybe… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

It seems Microsoft’s own employees are a bit confused about fluid emoji. Almost 22 hours after breaking the hearts of Windows users, LeBlanc clarified that “I have nothing more to share about where the 3D versions of the emoji will appear,” and that his early comments on Twitter only apply to the latest version of Windows 11 Insider.

Does that mean we’ll have 3D emoji in the future? I have no idea, and neither do you. All we know is that until Microsoft provides clear answers, the Emojigate scandal will not end. Fans will continue to demand what they have been promised: beautiful and wonderful 3D emoji.

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