The Price of Free News on the Internet

It’s their version of fancy displays and neon lights – an attempt to make you buy things or see things.

People fall for sensational stuff – everybody wants to read what the government didn’t want them to know, what the federation was hiding from them, what the FBI or CBI was covering up, what conspiracy is behind the death of a chief minister, how many days the dead CM was put embalmed to sort out property issues, how many days prior to demonetisation the prime minister’s friends knew of the decision, how Reliance director became RBI director and feeds info to Reliance, and on and on.

The clickbait headlines are there on Facebook, YouTube and every other media portal out there. Welcome to the fake news and new satire websites, who, in a dark corner of their website, put a red herring that they are an entertainment site and their content is mostly satire. This bit is hidden and the website’s name is seemingly pretty authentic most of the time. They don’t have satire in their names – like or


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