The Pixel 6 would double the production of Google smartphones

Google predicts a significant increase in its smartphone shipments with the imminent launch of the Pixel 6, according to Nikkei. The Japanese publication says Google has ordered more than 7 million Pixel 6 smartphones to be produced, roughly doubling all of its production in 2020. Nikkei cites figures from IDC indicating that Google produced 3.7 million phones last year.

And according to NikkeiIt’s not just the Pixel 6 that will explain the increase in shipments – the low-end Pixel 5A, released earlier this year, has reportedly received over 5 million orders. With the Pixel 6, which will be announced in full later today, that means Google is expected to more than triple the release of its 2020 smartphone.

Nikkei reports that Google is “trying to capitalize on its position as the only US manufacturer of smartphones running on the Android operating system” and increase its market share following the sanction-induced collapse of the mobile business of Huawei. The company is reportedly targeting Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, the three current main suppliers. For comparison, Apple is reportedly shipping around 80 million iPhone 13 units in 2021 alone, so the Pixel will still be way behind.

Google’s Pixel phones have generally been well received for their cameras and software design, but have often had their quirks and have never been delivered in volumes large enough to have a major impact on the industry as a whole. . In the US, Pixel’s market share is lower than Lenovo, LG, and OnePlus, with Apple and Samsung in a whole different league.

Details of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro have already been widely released, including by Google itself, and the phones are expected to officially launch at 1 p.m. ET today. Target’s alleged pricing information leaked yesterday, suggesting the Pixel 6 line will start at $ 599. If so, that would be further proof of Google’s attempts to increase its market share. Last year’s Pixel 5 had relatively average specs and started at $ 699.

Google is also working on a new Pixelbook laptop running ChromeOS, according to Nikkei. No product details were given, however Nikkei refers to its previous report that Google was developing its own chips for Chromebooks. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be the first Pixel phones to use a Google-developed SoC known as Tensor.

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