The Morning After: Understanding Apple’s Child Safety Updates

Last week, Apple announced that it was taking further steps to prevent CSAM from being broadcast on its platform. This included a system to detect this kind of material by scanning images in people’s iCloud libraries, which proved controversial. Privacy activists said it was the first step on a slippery slope to allow governments around the world to access people’s phones. This could have implications for activists and journalists in more authoritarian countries, which Apple has already bowed to.

That’s why Engadget’s Karissa Bell took a deep, deep dive in what exactly is going on with it all. If you’ve only heard bits and pieces of what’s going on and don’t understand exactly what the real-world impacts are, then we’ve got you covered. She explored how the technology works, what Apple said, and if anyone really needs to be concerned.

-Dan Cooper

Teachers can prevent classmates from distracting from the lesson.

Zoom's new Focus Mode is designed to block student distractions


Zoom knows that even the internet can’t lessen the attraction of watching the classroom clown instead of your teacher. That’s why the company is unveiling Focus Mode, designed for educators trying to take back control of their lesson from students. With this, teachers can see all students on their own feed, but each student can only see the teacher and regardless of the presentation the teacher is giving. This could be a key tool in keeping kids alert, especially with the Delta variant threatening to derail back to school. Continue reading.

He says he needs it to protect his users.

Amazon is considering licensing keystroke monitoring software to keep tabs on its employees when they are working from home. An allegedly leaked document from the company indicates that there are concerns that remote working could lead to an increase in data breaches. As such, he plans to use software from a company called BehavioSec that tracks keyboard and mouse usage. In a statement, Amazon said it treats the security of user data with the utmost respect and is always exploring new ways to protect its customers. Continue reading.

There is something for all budgets.

HTC Vive Pro 2

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

If you’ve been waiting for VR to mature to the point that you can really take advantage of the technology, then maybe the time is right. A number of companies are now making comfortable, usable, and in some cases surprisingly affordable headsets for stand-alone and PC gaming. In our latest buyer’s guide, we explore the best VR gear for most people, the most affordable way to get set up, and which headset is the best money can buy. Continue reading.

Photography is at the heart of this new handset, and the specs are outrageous.

Honor Magic 3


Honor, for many years, was a subsidiary of the Chinese mega-company Huawei responsible for making budget phones. However, when the US sanctions against the company began to kick in, Huawei sold Honor so that it could try to thrive as a stand-alone business. Today, Honor is reintroducing itself to the world with the Magic3, a new flagship with a “more is more is more” approach to photography. The Magic3 Pro +, for example, has a 50-megapixel main camera, flanked by a trio of 64 megapixels sensors for zoom, wide-angle and monochrome photography. Honor says it can even shoot cinema-quality video, a feature we can’t wait to test out. Continue reading.

The USS Cerritos crew are back.


The best Star Trek series since Deep Space New is back, and he’s as good as he ever was in his freshman year. Lower decks introduces the crew of the USS Cerritos, with a focus on people who don’t do all the high-level adventures on the deck. In our preview of the second season premiere, you’ll find out if this stays as funny as it used to be, if it stays true to the heart of the series, and if it’s worth tinging into, albeit given that it’s airing on Paramount +, we should probably ‘Don’t say’ listen ‘anymore, right? Continue reading.

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