The major failures of the last 20 years

For every iPhone and Netflix, there’s a smartphone that catches fire or a gaming console plagued with problems as soon as it lands. It may be an era of great technological innovation, but success is far from certain in a landscape littered with failed crowdfunding campaigns and poorly conceived product ideas. As New Atlas celebrates its 20th anniversary, let’s take a look at some of the most notable tech failures of recent times, a list of ambitious startups and big names you might not expect to be wrong.

Imagining a world where the virtual and real worlds collide in a clunky-looking headset that everyday people could somehow wear, Google put years of development into its consumer Google Glass glasses before putting them to bed in 2015 – something we admit ours Will Shanklin predicted nothing. And Google isn’t the only tech giant working in earnest on an ultimately doomed product, with Australian police even issuing warnings against using Apple’s widely criticized Maps software when it launched.

VR is a field with huge potential, but despite promising signs and Oculus’ best efforts, mobile headsets for on-the-go VR have yet to materialize. Amazon’s first and latest foray into smartphones have met a similar fate, while more than a decade after 3D TVs began hitting shelves, viewers continue to consume their entertainment in two-dimensional flavors.

Check out some of the biggest tech failures of our time spanning the space below.

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