The internet reacts to Yoru’s debut by f0rsakeN at VCT Stage 1 Masters

Yoru made his first appearance since his edit at an international VALORANT tournament at the hands of Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto of Paper Rex. After being largely ignored despite appearing at regional events occasionally, he singled out Yoru during his team’s playoff match against DRX VALORANT Champions Tour: Stage 1 Masters.

F0rsakeN previously played against Yoru in the Asia-Pacific region, but his attempt to lead 1-0 in Bind came to nothing. After winning the gun round, Paper Rex quickly fell behind and the off-meta pick clearly didn’t throw DRX when they forced card 3. This leaves Yoru with a 0% win rate in VCT.

Either way, taking off Yoru on the biggest stage of the year yet shows bravery, and the VALORANT community likes an unconventional pick. When f0rsakeN chose Yoru, the internet reacted like this.

Sentinels’ Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, who remains one of the game’s most popular duelist players despite missing out on the tournament, said tension upon seeing the Japanese duellist is chosen. The official VCT Twitter also took a moment to recognize f0rsakeN’s choice, to thank him for injecting a little more excitement into the series between Paper Rex and DRX.

Meanwhile, Do Not Peak Entertainment’s VALORANTING show reminded of fans that f0rsakeN kept a promise by choosing Yoru. It seemed like a bluff at the time, but the man was good at his word.

Esports Journalist Tyler “FionnOnFire” Ezberger also joined the hype less than 24 hours after noticing that Yoru had not yet been selected at Stage 1 Masters.

Finally, caster Brennon may have avoided “Bren” Hook a sad day after seeing the Yoru on Bind, he correctly anticipated. However, since Paper Rex couldn’t close the series with the pick, perhaps the card was bittersweet after all.


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