The Internet Loved Nicolas Cage’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ Session, Here Are 30 of the Best Questions and Answers

Nicolas Cage, very absent from the internet, has just appeared online in a very surprising way. As part of a promotional campaign for the new film The unbearable weight of massive talentthe legendary actor did an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Reddit where he directly answered ordinary people’s questions about his life, career, Hollywood and bees.

While some celebs seem disengaged during these sessions, even disrespectful, Cage approached the whole thing in a lighthearted and honest way and his feed instantly became a wholesome delight.

Image credit: Liongate

As one person put it: “I came away with the belief that Cage treats his work and his audience with a high degree of validated respect. He did nothing halfway…, gave us honest answers and interesting, and clearly enjoyed the experience.”

So to spread the joy, we at bored panda set up the best exchanges. Enjoy.


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