The Internet Is Wondering If The Harry Potter Franchise Are Christmas Movies

The festive season is almost upon us, Santa-themed movies are starting to climb the streaming charts, and people are starting the age-old debate about what exactly is a “Christmas movie.” The argument about whether die hard is or not (it is) is played out, just like or A nightmare before Christmas is more of a Halloween movie (it’s both). Now there’s a new contender as the internet tries to decide whether the eight-movie Harry Potter franchise counts.

My first reaction was that they don’t. Sure, there are celebratory scenes, but the stories are set over the course of a school year at Hogwarts and often have a summer or fall setting. But there’s a counter argument, with some posters pointing out that the candlelit environments, snowball fights and winter magic all add up to the perfect movies to watch while snuggling up on the couch on a cold night. And if you squint, Dumbledore looks a bit like Santa Claus.

I think this is a bit long-winded, though many people responded by saying that while they agree that the movies aren’t explicitly Christmassy, ​​watching the series has become a family tradition. By now, this story is cozy and familiar, and soaking for a few hours in the Wizarding World next to a blazing fire seems like a good time.

However, you should probably choose the right film for the job. I would stay away from the more serious and adults Relics of death and The Half-Blood Prince and go more for the early entries in the franchise with lower stakes and more comedy.

My top pick is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which features a truly heartwarming sequence in which Harry celebrates his first proper Christmas. Here we see Hagrid dragging a Christmas tree to Hogwarts, the first appearance of the annual Weasley Knit Sweater, and Harry receiving the Invisibility Cloak as his very first gift.

if you made Harry Potter a staple of a family Christmas, let us know in the comments, especially if you have a recommendation that is a particularly festive pick from the franchise.

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