The internet clarifies the comment that their fifth album is their last

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Clarifying Syd’s recent interview with: NMEThe internet said the group’s follow up on 2018’s beehive won’t be their last.

Clean break for fans of The Internet – the group’s fifth album won’t be their last. While promoting her second album Broken Hearts ClubSyd talked to NME about her new music and talked about the group that might create their own music label.

“The next internet album will also be our last,” said the singer, who was born in Sydney Bennett. “I have no idea what’s next. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll make an internet label. We talked about that, we just signed ourselves.”

On Twitter, the group made it clear that Bennett’s statement about their next album meant they would honor their current contract.

The group’s most recent album, beehivewas released in 2018, a year after Syd released her first solo album End and three-track EP Always never home† Prior to the release of beehivethe rest of The Internet released their own respective projects, including: Matt Martians The drum chord theory), Steve Lacy (Demo by Steve LacyPatrick Paige II Letters of irrelevance) and Christopher Smith as part of C&T Loud† Since then, Lacy last released his Grammy nominee Apollo XXI and The Lo-Fis, Martians Released the last party and Normal go and Paige fell If I fail, are we still cool?

Earlier in the interview, Bennett made sure that the group is still close. “The Internet is exactly what we want it to be,” she says. “It’s a snapshot of where we are at that moment – ​​individually and together. Most of us had dinner last night. We’re doing a wine night on Sunday night, but this is Matt’s first time to participate because he lives in Georgia.”

Syd last performed at the Smokin’ Grooves festival in Los Angeles, where she teased austerity measures Broken Hearts Club† With features of Lucky Dayesmino and KehlaniBroken Hearts Club will be published on Friday, April 8.

This article was updated on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.


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