The Internet Can’t Stop Looking At Al Pacino’s Phone In This Photo And We Understand Why

There have been many instances where celebrities have ended up sharing something on their social media when they didn’t mean to. This time, hawk-eyed fans spotted something funny in a photo featuring legendary actor Al Pacino and Jason Momoa. Recently, Jason Momoa and his friends visited an art exhibition where he saw the exhibition Julian Schnabel: For Esmé – with Love and Squalor. After the visit, Jason posted a series of photos from his visit to his Instagram page which also featured Al Pacino. “So grateful to enjoy a dinner with legends. All my aloha j,” he captioned the post. Besides a selfie with Pacino and clicks on different arts during the exhibition, what caught netizens’ attention was a group photo where Momoa was having dinner with Pacino. Initially, everything seemed normal in the photo where the duo are seen smiling for the photo after having dinner with their other friends.

But for one Twitter user, the dinner table had more than just empty plates. Marie Bardi noticed that apart from the old-fashioned wired headphones placed right in front of Pacino, there was something fascinating about the shell of her phone. “Al’s headphones continue to be iconic, but I need a full investigation of whatever the f**k is supposed to be on his iPhone case,” Marie wrote.

In a bid to decipher the image, Marie shared screenshots of the photo along with a close-up of Pacino’s cellphone cover. In a later tweet, Marie managed to crack the mystery and found out what was on the cover of Pacino’s phone.

She revealed that Pacino had a Shrek-themed phone case. Moreover, Marie also found the exact phone cover on Amazon and shared a screenshot in the tweet.

Shortly after learning of Pacino’s love for Shrek, users flocked to the comments section and just couldn’t get over it.

Hearing that a legend has a Shrek-themed cover on his phone, one user decided to grab one.

Another said it must have been one of his children who set the table and not Pacino himself.

This user still couldn’t believe if it really was Shrek on Pacino’s phone case.

Well, it is now confirmed that whether an acting legend or a child, no one can hide their love for Shrek.

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