The Great Atlassian outage enters a new week • The Register

Atlassian’s major outage is stumbling into another week, with the biz reporting that it has “rebuilt functionality for more than 35 percent of users affected by the service outage,” meaning the majority of those affected will not be able to access it. their sites.

At this point it is fair to say that the problem is serious. It started on April 5, and the IT giant said that while it was “running a maintenance script, a small number of sites were inadvertently disabled”.

Atlassian reported in a status update this morning that: “The rebuild phase is particularly complex due to several steps required to validate sites and verify data.” This will be of little comfort to the 65 percent of affected customers who question whether signing up for Atlassian’s cloud was such a good idea.

We suspect that the “dedicated team” Atlassian assigned to resolve the issue has yet to remove the World Backup Day flags before the incident happened.

Jira Software, Jira Work Management, Jira Service Management, and Confluence are the largest segments still affected at time of publication. Confluence is a web-based business wiki and Jira is more about problem tracking. Jira Work Management focuses on generic project management, while Jira Service Management emerged last year as part of a vision to translate agile and DevOps principles into the IT service desk.

The irony of the latter collapsing in a heap due to a maintenance script problem will not be lost on the affected users.

Also still on the broken list is the IT incident monitoring service, OpsGenie (acquired in 2018) and Atlassian’s Statuspage incident communication service – again, the irony meter has gone off the scale.

To be clear, only a very small fraction of customers are affected; on Friday we were told the figure was around 400. Still, we’re guessing one of those 400 wasn’t exactly fun.

The register contacted Atlassian for more information and an ETA for when the rest of the data will be recovered. We will update if the company responds.


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