The first Xbox-inspired Adidas sneakers will go on sale in the US and Canada tomorrow

Microsoft has partnered with Adidas to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, and Xbox fans in the US and Canada can purchase the first Xbox-themed Adidas sneakers tomorrow, November 4. The limited edition Adidas sneakers are named the “Xbox 360 Forum Mid”, and their design includes many cool Easter eggs for Xbox fans.

“On the strap, you’ll notice the Xbox 360 disc tray, along with the classic 360-era Xbox button design on the outer side of the shoe and the console air vents on the inner side. In addition, the stub features references to the Xbox 360 There are a myriad of details to discover and enjoy, including hidden secrets for fans, ”the Xbox team explained today.

The Adidas Xbox 360 Forum Mid will be available for purchase from in the US and Canada starting tomorrow, November 4 at 7:00 a.m. PT, although pricing details are not yet available. at the time of writing this article. Either way, the box will include four pairs of laces in red, yellow, green, and blue, as a nice tribute to the color of the ABXY buttons on the Xbox controllers.

The Xbox 360 Forum Mid is actually the second pair of Xbox-branded Adidas sneakers: Microsoft previously unveiled the Adidas Xbox 20th Forum Tech sneakers earlier this month, but these are not available for purchase. . Microsoft is planning to unveil a third and final Xbox Series X-inspired Adidas sneaker on November 15 during a special show celebrating the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, so watch this space if you’re a fan of sneakers.

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