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Over the weekend, Tesla released its first quarter 2022 figures, confirming it had a record quarter delivering 310,048 electric vehicles. Despite supply chain constraints, COVID-related shutdowns, etc., it still reached record volumes.

While Tesla produced slightly fewer vehicles than in Q4 2021, it managed to have enough inventory to top previous quarters. That said, analysts and Wall Street predicted the company would be able to ship around 317,000, so while Tesla broke its own record, it didn’t quite live up to some expectations.

According to You’re here“In the first quarter, we produced more than 305,000 vehicles and delivered more than 310,000 vehicles, despite ongoing supply chain challenges and plant closures.”

For those wondering, Tesla’s latest Model Y and the slightly more affordable Model 3 made up the bulk of shipments, with more than 295,000. The company also produced or shipped nearly 15,000 of its sophisticated Model vehicles. S/X. That’s a pretty impressive number, all things considered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to a comment on Twitter regarding historical turnover, indicating that “It was an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply chain disruptions and China’s zero COVID policy.” Musk then thanked the Tesla team and its key suppliers.

What makes Tesla’s Q1 2022 numbers even more impressive is the overall year-over-year growth and improvement. In the first quarter of 2021, Tesla delivered 184,800 vehicles and produced approximately 180,338, making the first quarter of 2022 a 69% increase. Basically, Tesla managed to increase production and achieve ambitious goals despite global problems.

Between the Gigafactory in Berlin, Texas and Shanghai, we could see Tesla do even better in the second quarter, although shortages continue to be an issue. However, we will have to wait and see. It’s also worth noting that if you order a new Tesla today, it probably won’t ship until 2023 because most models are sold out.

Either way, that tells me that even if Ford, Rivian, and GMC are struggling to produce electric trucks at a realistic pace, they could all learn a thing or two from Tesla, which is busy breaking production records. production and delivery. The Tesla Cybertruck can’t come soon enough.

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