Tentacle Sync Track E audio recorder first look: almost perfect

I’ve been looking for a new audio recorder to plug into my camera when recording video to replace the Rode Wireless Go. The Wireless Go has been a fantastic workhorse and has pushed hard in recent years, but the device is full of limitations and quirks that mean it’s far from a perfect piece of kit.

That’s why I’ve been looking to replace it with something, and that something is the Tentacle Sync Track E audio recorder.

German designed and made, the Track E oozes quality from the moment you take it out of the box. And I’m not talking about “quality” in terms of fancy packaging or shiny plastic. The packaging is actually wonderfully basic — which I like — but once you lift the lid, you’re shown pretty much everything you need to know about the Track E. Where the ports are, how to turn it on, and a QR code which will take you to the desired app.

Tentacle Sync Track E presentation is great

Tentacle Sync Track E presentation is great

But why did I choose the Track E? It has one feature that I think will be a game-changer: 32-bit float audio recording.

What is this?

Well, you can think of it as autofocus for the audio.

When I’m recording audio, I normally have to make sure that I set the recording level for the audio just right. If it’s too high, the sound will cut and crackle and it sounds absolutely awful. If the recording levels are set too low, it will be lost forever. This process is part art, part science, and a small mistake can mean going back and re-recording.

The 32-bit float audio feature takes all the stress out of this. The sound can never be so loud that it clips and cuts out (well, it’s possible to overload the mic, but someone would really have to scream into it for that to happen), and it can’t be too low, so you no need to worry.

You turn on the Track E, and you start recording audio. It really is that simple!

32-bit float mode takes the worry out of setting audio levels

32-bit float mode takes the worry out of setting audio levels

Tentacle synchronization

It’s that simple.

Another thing I like about the Track E is how quick it was to set up and use. I could have taken it out of the box, paired it with my smartphone and used it right away (battery was 50% charged).

That’s so rare for a product these days. Usually there is a complicated installation process and activation and a lot of settings to adjust and fiddle with and a steep learning curve before you get started.

Not with the Track E.

Tentacle Sync has made it as easy as possible, except for a technician in the box to turn it on for me.

Another nice thing about the Track E is that all the accessories – even the Lavalier microphone – are good quality items.

No expense has been spared.

32-bit float mode takes the worry out of setting audio levels

Track E Accessories

I’ve been able to play around with the Track E quite a bit over the past few days and will be following up on this first look with a more comprehensive review soon. But so far I am impressed with the Track E. Really impressed. Set up and use is simple and easy, the 32-bit float audio takes away any concerns about having the levels set correctly, and there’s a built-in 16GB microSD card for storage so I didn’t even have to think twice. or worry about it.

The Tentacle Sync Track E is as perfect as a device could be.

This thing has huge potential and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s really capable of.

Remark: Due to patent reasons, the headphone output is disabled while recording on the US version of the Track E.

Tentacle Sync Track E



  • 32-bit float recording & 24-bit recording
  • Control multiple devices via Bluetooth (iOS & Android)
  • Wireless timecode synchronization/jam synchronization via cable
  • Up to 10 hours operating time
  • Universal lavalier microphone with clip and windjammer included
  • 16 GB microSD card included
  • Black powder coated stainless steel belt clip
  • 2 year limited warranty

In the box

  • Tentacle Track E Timecode Audio Recorder
  • General Purpose Lavalier Microphone with Lockable 3.5mm Connector
    – Microphone Clip
    – Windjammer (black)
    – Mini bag
  • 16 GB microSDHC card
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • belt clip
  • resealable bag
  • Colored Silicone Straps
  • stickers
  • Software license for Tentacle Sync Studio (macOS only)

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