Television is the most popular device for on-demand video content

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Television is the most popular device for on-demand video content, but smartphones are growing in popularity around the world, according to data from video analytics firm NPAW.

Two-fifths (41%) of video-on-demand content consumption takes place on a connected TV device and this figure has remained stable over the past year.

In comparison, smartphones now occupy a quarter share (26%) and this share has increased from 21% in the previous year, representing the largest increase across all devices.

PC video-on-demand consumption ranks third, but saw the largest decline, at 12% in Q4 2021.

Digital video consumption is rising sharply and advertisers are shifting their budgets accordingly – WARC Data expects OTT video ad spend to grow 20% this year, with direct-to-consumer brands playing a significant role. This comes as linear TV advertising increasingly reaches a smaller group of people.

For brands using digital video, the popularity of sharing accounts can present some challenges when it comes to targeting and personalization. The wide range of platforms, with an audience using five on average, can also be a challenge.

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