Telecom Egypt and AMS-IX Launch First Open Access IX in Cairo

Telecom Egypt, Egypt’s first integrated telecom operator and one of the largest submarine cable operators in the region, announces that EG-IX, Egypt’s first open access internet exchange, is live and available to customers today. The new Internet Exchange, powered by AMS-IX, aims to enhance the digital experience of Internet users in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

EG-IX is hosted in Telecom Egypt’s largest certified Tier III data center, located in Smart Village in Western Cairo and called Regional Data Hub (RDH). RDH is connected to an advanced fully meshed network guaranteeing access to 14 submarine cable systems, which are to be expanded to 18 cable systems by 2025.

EG-IX is based on the IX-as-a-Service (IXaaS) solution offered by AMS-IX, the world’s leading service provider for interconnection platforms, and will act as an open access Internet Exchange Platform for large content delivery networks, applications and cloud providers and telecom carriers looking to improve the digital experience of end customers in the MEA region.

The IXaaS solution supports Telecom Egypt in setting up and running a state-of-the-art internet exchange point in Egypt, leveraging over 25 years of AMS-IX’s experience in this field.

EG-IX Platform will support Telecom Egypt in its efforts to improve the quality of internet services in Egypt. In addition, this interchange will strengthen Egypt’s position as an international connectivity hub and further highlight the potential of the region’s growing digital sector.

Telecom Egypt and AMS-IX launch EG-IX.

Telecom Egypt and AMS-IX launch EG-IX

Telecom Egypt and AMS-IX launch EG-IX

Telecom Egypt’s Managing Director and CEO, Mr Adel Hamed, commented: “We are pleased to announce that EG-IX, hosted within the RDH, the largest Tier III certified data center in Egypt, is now going live in partnership with AMS-IX.The launch of the EG-IX platform will support Egypt’s digital transformation plans.This move will not only improve the country’s internet ecosystem, but also support ongoing regional efforts to build a regional digital ecosystem to put that internet traffic out of Africa and the Middle East.”

Peter van Burgel, AMS-IX CEO, said: “The launch of EG-IX is a great milestone for AMS-IX, Telecom Egypt and the Internet community. With this new Internet Exchange, networks around the world can directly connect and exchange traffic, lowering the cost of peering, reducing latency and improving the quality of the Internet for countless end users.”

About AMS-IX

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral, member-based association that operates multiple interconnection platforms around the world. Our leading platform in Amsterdam has played a vital role at the core of the internet for over 25 years and is one of the largest internet traffic nodes in the world with over 10 Terabits per second (Tbps) peak traffic. Connecting to AMS-IX enables customers such as Internet service providers, telecom companies and cloud providers to route their global IP traffic in an efficient, fast, secure, stable and cost-effective manner. This allows them to provide end users with low latency and engaging online experiences. AMS-IX connects more than 1000 IP networks in the world. AMS-IX also operates the world’s first mobile peering points: the Global Roaming Exchange (GRX), the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX), and the Internetwork Packet Exchange (I-IPX) interconnection points.

About Telecom Egypt

Telecom Egypt is the first integrated telecom operator in Egypt to provide all telecom services to its customers, including fixed and mobile voice and data services. Telecom Egypt has been serving Egyptian customers for more than 160 years and has maintained a leading position in the Egyptian telecom market by offering its business and consumer customers the most advanced technology, reliable infrastructure solutions and the widest network of submarine cables. Aside from its “WE” mobile operation, the company owns a 45% stake in Vodafone Egypt. Telecom Egypt’s shares and GDRs (ticker: ETEL.CA; TEEG.LN) are traded on The Egyptian Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Consult Telecom Egypt’s full financial disclosure at

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