Teen Diana Ross Fan’s Tearful Reaction To Surprise Gig Tickets Is Winning The Internet

A TikTok post from a teenage Diana Ross fan has gone viral after his mother recorded his reaction to getting surprise tickets to a concert by the legendary singer.

Louie Ranieri of Rhode Island became an internet star over the weekend when his mother documented the emotional moment when he discovered he was flying to Texas to see Ross.

Ranieri started listening to Ross with his late great-grandfather and is now a full-fledged superfan, making a dream come true this weekend.

His mom posted the moment when Ranieri learned he was going to the concert to TikTok, taking the app by storm and gaining more than 4 million views. Initially, his mother gifted him a Diana Ross T-shirt, assuming it was the beginning and end of the present.

However, a grateful Ranieri was shocked when his true gift was revealed: tickets to a Ross concert in Austin, Texas.

“You’re kidding, it’s April Fool’s,” he said, shaking his head. When a text message on his phone confirmed that he actually had a ticket, his response was priceless. “No way, are you kidding?” he said.

His mother told him they would leave immediately, and although he had been led to believe it was time to go to school, it was actually 4:30 am.

He began to cry, before silently hugging his mother, speechless with amazement. When he left to brush his teeth, he stopped before turning back crying in shock.

“Worth every cent,” his mother said.

Together, they flew to Austin to see “the Queen,” as they fondly called Ross.

After the TikTok post went viral, things got even better for Louie when the Austin Children’s Guidance Center, which benefited the concert, reached out to him.

Louie and his mom added a link to the post, resulting in “non-stop donations” for the charity. As a result, they were presented with a gift of front row seats and a custom Diana Ross diamond pendant and cufflinks by a local jeweler.

In addition, Ross himself even noticed Louie on stage. “Dreams come true,” the mom wrote, sharing the video of Ross giving Louie a shout-out. “It’s really about a mother’s love,” Ross said onstage about the videos.

Ross posted the shout-out to her own TikTok account, writing, “The story of this young man and his mother really touched me. A mother’s love is beautiful and a very special love indeed.”


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