Tech Investment with Top 5 Tech Stocks to Become a Tech Millionaire!

by Disha Sinha
March 29, 2022

technical stocks

The top five technology stocks will turn you into a technology millionaire in the long run

Top technology stocks offer the best value, the most momentum, and the fastest growth of multiple reputable technology companies in recent times. Tech investors, who want stability in investments, can look for these technology stocks to generate sufficient profits in digital portfolios. This can help to become a tech millionaire in the near future with the constant advancement in tech products and services.

Analytics Insight provides a list of the top five technology stocks, according to Yahoo Finance.

Mandiant, Inc.

Current price: US$22.30

Market capitalization: US$5.22 billion

Mandiant, Inc. is a well-known technology company that provides cyber defense solutions through the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform for providing up-to-date information, alert investigation automation, and other platforms. The platforms include a multi-vendor XDR platform, Managed Defense, Mandiant Advisory Services, Mandiant Academy, and much more.


Current price: US$103.56

Market Capitalization: US$9.88 Billion

TD SYNNEX Corp. is one of the popular technology stocks that offers business process services through the distribution of PC systems, printers and consumer electronics. It also includes solutions for system design and integration, software, virtual distribution, cloud services, online services, and so on.

Avnet, Inc.

Current price: US$42.15

Market Capitalization: US$4.17 Billion

Avnet, Inc. is a well-known company for technical solutions with two segments such as electronic components and Farnell. Both segments provide semiconductors, electromechanical devices, engineering design solutions, engineering education, electronic and industrial automation components, and much more to multiple industries around the world.

Western Digital Corp.

Current price: US$50.70

Market Capitalization: US$15.89 Billion

Western Digital Corp. is known for developing and selling data storage devices and solutions with client devices, HDDs and SSDs. This technology company has a wide variety of product portfolios, such as smart video systems, game consoles, flash-based memory wafers, data center equipment, data analytics and much more.

Concentric Corp.

Current price: $194.60

Market Capitalization: US$10.18 Billion

Concentric Corp. is one of the top tech stocks providing technology-infused customer experience solutions around the world. It is known for delivering CX process optimization, front and back office automation, data analytics, business transformation services, and much more to audiences such as consumer electronics, e-commerce, and health insurance companies.

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