Tampa-based medical device company PainTEQ treats employee’s father with 100% pain relief 3 months after surgery

Tallahassee man with SI joint pain undergoes successful treatment using his son’s company’s LinQ device

TAMPA, Florida., April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s not every day that you hear about a company that practices what it preaches, but Tampaa medical device company based, PainTEQ, does exactly that. Their newly patented LinQ SI Joint Stabilization System was designed to relieve chronic pain associated with sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction. When Robert Faxonthe father of Devin Faxonone of PainTEQ’s employees, suffered from chronic joint pain IF he knew exactly where to go for treatment.

Robert Faxon

Robert Faxon

Undergoing 21 back surgeries, four shoulder surgeries, three knee surgeries and one knee replacement, Robert was no stranger to medical procedures. However, his SI joint pain was different and he knew he needed a long term solution.

Working at PainTEQ, Devin was able to help his father make an appointment with Stephen PylesMD, pain treatment centers, Ocala, Florida.

“When I went there, Dr. Pyles asked me how bad the pain was on a scale of 1 to 10. And I said, ‘Well, let’s put it this way. I haven’t slept on my left side in a year,'” Robert said. “‘So on a scale of 1 to 10, that’s about a plus 15.'”

Based on his assessment, Dr. Pyles quickly determined that Robert was a candidate for the minimally invasive LinQ procedure. After a relatively short time in the operating room, Devin’s father woke up and reported a significant reduction in pain.

“I immediately got 80% pain relief,” Robert said. “In two weeks, it was 100%!

For years before, Robert had turned SI joint injections, medications, and back surgeries to help relieve his SI joint pain. While these helped alleviate the immediate discomfort, they did nothing to solve the mechanical issue with his SI joint. However, PainTEQ designed LinQ to address the root cause of SI joint pain, not mask it.

“When you think your dad had surgery, you’d think you’d be nervous. But I wasn’t. I knew this procedure was going to change his life, and it was,” Devin said. “Dr. Pyles is a long-time PainTEQ physician partner. With his skills and the PainTEQ device, I knew my dad was in good hands.”

Robert leads an active lifestyle and coaches children in hitting and pitching in sports such as baseball and softball. In his work, living with chronic pain is not an option.

“I’m active. I train four days a week and work six days a week,” Robert said. “My friends say they can’t believe change. I’m like, ‘Well, you can have that change too!'”

Robert may have heard of LinQ from his son, but patients don’t need to have an “in” to benefit from the PainTEQ procedure. Interventional pain physicians across the country have added the LinQ device to their continuum of care.

“Unfortunately, it is very common for patients with SI joint pain to go for a long time without proper treatment, just like Devin’s father had. SI joint dysfunction is often referred to as ‘missed lower back pain’, for this very reason,” said Dr. Pyles. “I’m proud that I was able to help him and all of my patients get the long-term treatment they deserve.”

About PainTEQ: Designed to bring interventional procedures to market, PainTEQ is a medical device innovator headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Working with pain management specialists to help reduce and eliminate SI joint dysfunction, PainTEQ’s LinQ Therapy aims to provide immediate clinical benefits to people with disabling low back pain through a minimal outpatient procedure. invasive.

About LinQ: The LinQ SI Joint Stabilization System offers patients with SI joint dysfunction a minimally invasive option to combat pain. After a thorough diagnostic process, doctors can help relieve, and in many cases eliminate, chronic pain by placing a single LinQ allograft into the SI joint. With its large graft window, this unique implant helps create an ideal environment for long-term fusion.



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