Sway 1.7 released with DRM rental of VR headset, renamed “–my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia”


After going through the release candidate process, Sway 1.7 was released this weekend as a new feature release for this lightweight i3-inspired Wayland Composer.

Sway 1.7 is notable for providing better support for copyless direct analysis through the use of the DMA-BUF feedback protocol. Other Wayland desktop composers also quickly supported the DMA-BUF feedback extension. Improved copy-free direct parsing support for full-screen windows is easily one of the best features of Sway 1.7.

For those with virtual reality head-mounted displays (VR HMDs), Sway 1.7 also adds support for Wayland’s DRM rental protocol to make efficient use of it as well.

Sway 1.7 also now supports dragging tabs with the mouse, native Wayland emergency support using the xdg-activation-v1 protocol, and various other new features.

If you are using NVIDIA graphics and are a fan of Sway, the “–my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia” option to enable unsupported NVIDIA support has now been renamed. Now that NVIDIA at least supports the GBM API with its proprietary driver stack, Sway developers have decided to provide a more user-friendly option. The –my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia has been renamed to “–unsupported-gpu” to enable the NVIDIA driver although officially NVIDIA’s proprietary Linux driver stack is not supported by Sway .

Downloads and more details about Sway 1.7 via GitHub.

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