Survey says developers definitely aren’t interested in NFTs

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Each year, before the Game Developers Conference itself, the show’s organizers conduct an industry survey, asking creators around the world about what’s happening and what could happen in the games industry. While 2022 promises to be a tumultuous 12 months, this year’s results are perhaps a bit more interesting than other years.

The brainworm craze for all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT has gamers (and developers) rightfully scared of the kind of new hells that await us in the coming months. years, as executives chasing dollars across the industry seem increasingly convinced that there is something of value in technology.

However, those responsible for creating the games are less enthusiastic. The Game Developers Conference released its State of the gaming industry 2022 survey results last week, and of note is a section on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In general terms, get a load of these numbers:

Image for article titled Survey says developers definitely aren't interested in crypto or NFTs

It’s “No Fucking Thanks” expressed in visual terms. To go with the numbers, however, GDC also asked respondents what they think and released a series of them anonymously. The first is this cult member:

It’s the wave of the future.

Thank you. After them, however, are answers like:

How this didn’t get identified as a pyramid scheme is beyond me.

Burn them to the ground. Ban everyone involved in it. I am currently working at an NFT company and am quitting to get away from it.

They are going to drive a wedge right in the heart of this industry. It’s going to become very clear what people’s motivations are, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Why do we need them? What is the benefit of putting these systems in our games? Who uses these objects? We feel like we have a very small audience. Additionally, these technologies still do not use sustainable energy and are a target for money laundering. As a developer, I feel deeply uncomfortable that there is a push for these. It feels entirely fueled by greed for more money because we read stories about crypto millionaires, when in reality it’s all extremely unstable and unethical.

These are of course promising signs, especially for smaller studios and indie outfits, but what matters here is not what people think of crypto and NFTs now, but what that level will look like. of resistance when the executives of companies like Ubisoft and EA start asking their developers to implement the technology in the games they create for a living. This is when the comment “digging a corner right in the heart of this industry” will start to sound very real.

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