StoryTerrace uses virtual reality to create personal biographies

StoryTerrace, which bills itself as a “personal biography” service, is said to have launched the first virtual reality biography. The company says the new initiative allows users to carve out a place for themselves in the metaverse by integrating virtual reality into memories and storytelling.

Using a simple headset, the service allows users to come face-to-face with loved ones or ancestors in the digital realm, listening and watching the hologram depicting personal stories.

StoryTerrace calls its service an evolutionary development over traditional methods of preserving the legacy of hardback books and the first significant step towards using virtual reality in publishing.

In a promotional video, StoryTerrace demonstrates the creation of a hologram using 30 different 4K cameras. The developers then create a 3D environment in which to place the hologram and create a visual biography, cutting VR footage with personal videos and photos.

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