StorageCraft backup data loss ‘not acceptable’

A data protection company’s nightmare

Arcserve, a developer of data protection software and device technology, is in the midst of a lengthy recovery from human error that caused a hitherto unknown number of end-user clients of the company’s StorageCraft business to lose their backup data. The flaw, which occurred when the company moved StorageCraft backend operations from an internal data center to the Google Cloud Platform as a way to make the system more resilient, is now practically all Arcserve CEO Brannon Lacey is thinking about, Lacey told me. to CRN.

For Lacey, the loss of some backup data has become the main problem of his five-month tenure as CEO of Arcserve. “You could say the honeymoon may be over,” he told CRN.

The data loss mainly affected customers of MSPs working with StorageCraft, which merged with Arcserve early last year. While the data loss will not affect the primary data, the customer’s primary data is at risk if lost or attacked as it may not be backed up now. Arcserve is working to resolve the issue with its StorageCraft MSPs, including looking at how to reposition the backups and ensure that previously protected data is protected again.

To help partners affected by the backup loss, Arcserve is proactively providing partners with specific information on how to reseed to its Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The company also offers backup restore options, including free, accelerated delivery of seed drives for machines over 3TB in capacity, Arcserve-initiated over-the-wire re-seeding for partners with ShadowProtect machines, and re-seeding over the wire for partners with ShadowXafe and Solo machines. Arcserve also recommends partners create an additional offsite backup.

Read on to learn more about how the backup data was lost and the impact of the loss on Arcserve and its partners.

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