Stop dropping your smartphone on your face

Photo of a man with a smartphone holder on his neck.

You’re lying down, holding your smartphone above your head, and it slides, falling onto your face. Ouch. These dense slabs of glass and metal can hurt! Here’s what you can do about it.

The problem is more widespread than you think

We use our smartphones everywhere and in all positions: standing, sitting, walking, and even in the bathroom (admit it). But particular issues arise when you lie on a sofa or bed while holding your phone above your face. Not long ago I asked Twitter, “Have you ever dropped a smartphone on your face while lying down?” I received far more responses than expected, from a wide range of people.

Some people have even mentioned dropping pills on their face if they fall asleep while reading, which seems very painful. While you might think we’d say, “Don’t use your smartphone while lying down,” we know that’s not realistic. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to this very common problem.

The solution: stands for phones and tablets

Slippery hands and heavy phones don’t mix well in bed. Manufacturers have stepped in with solutions ranging from the weird to the helpful. To sort them all out, our sister site LifeSavvy reviewed The Best Phone Holders for Bed and came up with a few picks.

Among them, one of the most compelling products is the B-Land smartphone holder, which uses a bendable loop that you can place around your neck and position flexibly for maximum comfort. It works for iPhones, Android and others. Sure, it looks weird, but no shame, it’s better than smartphone-shaped bruises on your forehead, isn’t it?

Another neat gadget is the UGREEN tablet stand, which seems to borrow the arm of an old-fashioned desk lamp. You fix it on the edge of your side table, and it can receive a tablet like an iPad or a smartphone. This one allows for more creative positioning than the loop around your neck.

Heck, this tablet holder even works for the Nintendo Switch, so you can detach the Joy-Cons and play with better ergonomics in bed.

Moreover, if you often drop your smartphone, you must make sure you have a protective cover (for Android or for iPhone). Your face may not damage the phone when it hits, but if it bounces off and hits the ground, it could end up being an expensive fall. Whichever direction you take, your head (and your smartphone) will thank you. Stay safe there!

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