Star Wars Live Slug’s reaction has become internet’s favorite meme now

The Rise of Skywalker (2019) featured Live Slug Klaud and his reaction stole fans’ hearts. That has resurfaced now and has become the internet’s favorite meme.

The 2019 Star Wars film also featured the franchise’s very first gay kiss scene but the intimate moment taking place between two background characters was shown in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it kind of way.

But, what caught the fans’ attention was the Live Slug reaction shown right after the kiss.

Star Wars’ Live Slug reaction meme explained

The Live Slug memes floating around on the internet are based on the slug’s strange reaction to the Star Wars characters’ kiss.

Fans started using the slug’s facial expression to make memes after a Twitter user pointed out the scene on February 21 this year.

the user wrote: “Rise of Skywalker does have one perfect moment, it’s that right after they show the first gay kiss in Star Wars (for 2 seconds) they immediately cut to this frowning slug monster for twice as long. 16/10, no notes.”

While that’s one way of interpreting the slug’s reaction, the same Twitter user presents other perspectives too.

“It appears that the slug monster shot is actually BEFORE the kiss, not after, but my point still stands”

However, some internet users had a different take on it.

This Tumblr user thinks the slug’s reaction could be a result of a realization.

“Have you considered that the slug is gay? Maybe he is having a moment of realization,” the user said.

Soon, internet users began using the Live Slug’s viral reaction in numerous memes that featured intimate scenes among two characters.

The reaction also began trending on Tumblr and we must say, it’s our favorite meme on the internet now.

11 hilarious Live Slug memes to crack you up

Live Slug reaction but anime version.

When someone you don’t like says ‘I Love you,’ you can give them the live slug’s reaction.

More frowns by the slug.

Live Slug reaction but with the ‘Distracted boyfriend’ meme.

What does the slug think of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham?

When your boyfriend is distracted by a frowning slug.

Avengers but they’re all the frowning slug Klaud.

Does Klaud look familiar to anybody?

Some more of Klaud.

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