Spring cleaning checklist 2022: Tips for cleaning your dirty tech devices

CHICAGO (WLS) – Americans check their phones 96 times a day – it’s very touching! If you haven’t cleaned your devices in a while, spring cleaning is the perfect time for some much-needed tech TLC.

Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions has tips for getting rid of downright gross problems.

  • Remove the case from your device and turn it off
  • Use a microfiber cloth with a mild cleaning solution, such as a 50/50 mixture of water and alcohol.
  • Spray the cloth – never your tech – and wipe down both sides of your phone, taking special care when cleaning the screen.
  • While your phone air dries, clean the inside and outside of the case: use soap and water, disinfectant spray or wipes
  • Don’t forget to clean nooks and crannies, like charging ports, headphone jacks, and speakers that tend to get nasty. These ports on smartphones and tablets are often clogged with earwax, lint, and other debris. Clean them gently to avoid buildup.

    Sometimes it’s necessary to give a fussy child a tablet, but it can leave your device sticky or covered in yesterday’s breakfast. Remember to clean the screen of small fingerprints using a microfiber cloth.

    You might notice obvious dirt and grime on your phone, laptop, or tablet, but experts say you might want to check your game consoles, too. Video game systems attract the most dust and dirt. If your console is noisy, hot, or both, it’s probably full of dust particles and just needs a good cleaning to keep the game going!

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