Sotero data security fabric protects any data asset, regardless of location

Sotero has released the Sotero data security fabric, a flexible single-pane data security solution that enables organizations to manage their entire data security ecosystem from a single panel for a true 360-degree view, reducing the complexity and cost of reduce data security while adding groundbreaking capabilities.

Sotero data security fabric

“I am curious about the possibilities! This is the solution IT security people have been waiting for,” said Troy Phelps, Managing Director at TAPhelps Brands and CISO in the FinTech industry. “It has been a constant challenge for IT organizations to manage countless security solutions and platforms. Sotero’s data security architecture is a game-changer that opens up a world of new possibilities for IT security professionals, as well as for companies hampered by gaps in their data security programs.”

Sotero’s data security architecture is a technology-independent, extensible framework that enables organizations to replace many platform-specific data security products with one centralized platform. IT security teams no longer need to deploy multiple security products to protect each data asset or storage platform.

“Sotero allows organizations to move from a fragmented, complex data security stack to one unified structure that provides 360-degree management of the entire data security ecosystem,” said Shanthi Boppana, CTO and co-founder of Sotero. “IT security professionals are no longer forced to use access point solutions to identify who has access to data. They can now achieve governance, accountability, visibility and 100% control from a single panel.”

Sotero’s data security architecture unifies all data instances, applications of the organization, regardless of location (cloud, on-premise, hybrid, at-the-edge) or lifecycle stage (data in use, in motion, at rest) and data type (unstructured , semi-structured, structured).

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