Smart City Capital Selects Sollensys as Leading Data Security Provider

Smart City Capital to Provide Sollensys Blockchain Ransomware Solution to State, Local, and Education (SLED) and Infrastructure Projects

PALM BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 29, 2022 / Sollensys Corp (OTCQB:SOLS), one of the first major cybersecurity firms specializing in ransomware recovery based on blockchain technology, today announced it has entered into an agreement that positions Smart City Capital to become a leading data security provider. in future smart city developments. Smart City Capital, located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, empowers cities of all sizes to become smart, connected and resilient and narrow the existing digital divide.

Initially, Smart City Capital and Sollensys will partner to serve one of the most comprehensive smart cities in the US in one of South Florida’s largest counties. The combined approach includes unique funding elements leveraging federal, state and local grants and the benefits of bundling multiple services, such as cybersecurity together with broadband services, with the aim of reducing operating costs, such as data center and staff costs, combined with more efficient infrastructure upgrades. . The initiative aims to create a comprehensive and affordable solution that will provide a framework for future deployment and that will appeal to cities to accelerate their cybersecurity goals and enable faster disaster recovery, while reducing financing costs. Smart City Capital will also offer blockchain archiving services on its proprietary online platform, the Smart City Marketplace.

State and local agencies, as well as schools, utilities and infrastructure providers, have seen a massive increase in cyber-attacks in recent years, and many have failed to raise their technology budgets enough to deal with the lingering threat. The federal government has established multiple programs to rapidly provide funding to help these underfunded entities improve their security.

Pursuant to its agreement with Sollensys, Smart City Capital has agreed to purchase three of Sollensys’ regional service centers that will provide blockchain-based data archives for multiple cities. This equipment purchase represents a $2.25 million investment by Smart City Capital in infrastructure financed and hosted by Sollensys over a five-year period. The agreement also includes a commitment from Smart City Capital to utilize multiple petabytes of blockchain storage space at a cost of approximately $2 million per year, for a total initial commitment of $4.25 million. The agreement was initiated and coordinated by Acadia Leadership Partners, an industry channel network and independent member of BDO Alliance USA.

“Sollensys shares our goal of comprehensive data security and rapid disaster recovery and is the ideal cybertechnology provider for our future smart cities,” said Oscar Bode, CEO of Smart City Capital. “Sollensys’ blockchain platforms are critical in the evolution and development of data recovery infrastructure and will bring some of the most advanced resilience technology to our future smart cities, driving adoption through faster recovery times and a perfect chain of custody to provide data.”

Instead of starting with accessible endpoints, Sollensys starts by securing a copy of what the hackers prefer to keep hostage and corrupt: organizations’ digital intellectual property and operational data. Sollensys exists to ensure that companies and institutions never pay ransom and that their business can move forward quickly by securing an immutable and undamaged copy of their data.

“Smart City Capital is a master integration partner in smart cities and we are excited to partner with them as their premier provider of data security technology,” said Don Beavers, CEO of Sollensys Corp. Specifically, Smart City Capital brings a proven ability to create public-private partnerships with local municipalities, state and federal governments, and large corporations to bring the financing, engineering and installation resources and supporting solutions for cybersecurity initiatives and the migration to more secure data. We look forward to working with them to help accelerate the world’s transition to blockchain.”

About Sollensys
Sollensys Corp. is a mathematical, scientific, technological and engineering solutions company that offers products that ensure the data integrity of its customers through collection, storage and transmission. Our innovative flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, turnkey blockchain solution that works with virtually all hardware and software combinations currently used in commerce, without the need for any element of data security. replace or eliminate the customer. is used. The company recently launched its second product offering: the Regional Service Center, which provides small businesses with the same advanced technology previously available only to large or highly-funded companies.

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About Smart City Capital LLC
Smart City Capital specializes in impact investing, public-private partnerships and long-term economic growth through innovative financing and service bundling. SCC invests, builds and manages a wide range of Smart City, infrastructure and QOZ projects in support of sustainable economic development. In all of its work, SCC’s goal is to create inclusive, smart city project accelerators.

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