Shiny legs or white paint? The internet is going crazy again with this photo from 2016

The internet continues to give mind-blowing, wild and wonderful gifts. In 2016, the internet was divided over a photo in which a woman’s legs appear to some to be dipped in white paint, while to others they are all greased and shiny. The optical illusion photo ‘Shiny legs’ has found its way back.

But to everyone’s surprise, the strangely shiny appearance of the legs was an illusion, accidentally created by Instagram user Hunter Culverhouse.

After inadvertently creating the optical illusion, Culverhouse snapped a photo of her legs and posted it on Instagram.

“I was finishing some homework and had some white paint on my brush and decided to just draw random lines. I wasn’t going to make it look shiny,” a media house Culverhouse had said.

Culverhouse, the creator of the photo, states that she did not take such a photo on purpose. Instead, she took a random brush with the paint left over from the drawing class and such white streaks of paint formed on her feet. These signs became so that at first glance they became optical illusions. The woman realized this and shared the photo on Instagram, which sparked a debate on the Internet. People became divided about the photo and there was a long discussion on the site itself.

At first, many were confused, but shortly after Culverhouse cleared up the confusion, many were amazed to see it. The answer is white paint and not an oily sheen.

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