Senator Rand Paul says there are private alternatives for those who need help after the December tornadoes

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Senator Rand Paul was in Bowling Green on Friday to personally thank Bowling Green Municipal Utilities for their work in restoring power as quickly as possible and providing relief after December’s tornadoes. .

While speaking with linemen and others at BGMU, the senator spoke about knowing that some are starting to know the status of their FEMA applications. He also added that he had heard some were being turned down and said his office was ready to help with appeals.

The senator says there are private alternatives that affected individuals can apply for that will complement FEMA.

“The Kentucky team website that was organized raised over $40 million, that $40 million hasn’t really been released yet. My understanding is that if you qualified for FEMA, you can apply for Team Kentucky and you can get 10% FEMA,” Sen. Paul says.

“The Kentucky team website, which is private money, will give you maybe 10% of what FEMA did. So FEMA gave $30,000, there’s a chance you’ll get $3,000 from the Kentucky team. If anyone has any questions about how to apply to these private charities, we have listed them with phone numbers and names and what type of charity it is. And if you can’t if they can contact our Senate office on State Street, we’re happy to help,” Paul added.

Click here for a list of resources.

To go to TEAM KENTUCKY, click here.

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