Scoop: Microsoft, Uber leave Internet Association

Microsoft and Uber are leaving the Internet Association (IA), a trade group that lobbies on behalf of Internet companies and the tech industry, Axios confirms.

Why it matters: The loss of Microsoft and Uber, two key members, is a blow to the group. The association has seen a steadily declining influence in DC in recent years, in part because it is not working on the competition and antitrust issues the industry is currently dealing with.

What they say: “It’s always sad to lose a member, but business decisions involving time and resources must be respected,” said Christina Martin, Senior Vice President of Global Communications and Public Affairs at The Internet Association.

  • “Microsoft and Uber have been big supporters of IA for almost a decade. We have every hope that they will return in the future,” said Martin. “IA continues to be strong near 40 with new members such as Discord, Notarize and NewsBreak.”
  • “We advocate for government policies that support our business goals,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. “As our business needs evolve, we periodically review trade association memberships to ensure they align with our policy agenda.”

Looking back: Founded in 2012, IA, made up of members such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, thrived when it could fight for all of its member companies with a unified voice on policy goals, an easier mission in the earlier days of the Internet, when tech still had a halo in Washington.

  • Now, technology companies often have different legislative priorities based on size or other factors. This has made IA’s job more difficult and has sometimes put members at odds with each other.
  • Longtime former IA chairman Michael Beckerman is now on TikTok. Dane Snowden, the former president of a cable lobby group, is the current president and CEO.

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