Save on an Amazon Luna controller and see what cloud gaming is all about

Even though it’s still only available in the United States, Amazon Luna is a quickly growing cloud gaming platform. Being an Amazon product it has hooks into Prime and Prime Gaming, and there’s a chance to get involved for even less right now. Ahead of Prime Day, Amazon has slashed $30 off the Luna controller for members, bringing it down to just $40.

You don’t need a Luna controller to try Amazon’s cloud games but there are some benefits to using one. And while it’s almost half price, now is certainly the time to get your hands on one.

    Amazon Luna controller ($30 off)

    The best way to play Amazon’s cloud gaming service is with the official controller. As it connects directly to the servers, you won’t get lower latency than with one of these.

The Amazon Luna controller draws upon one key similarity with Google’s Stadia controller that benefits cloud gamers. The controller has Wi-Fi built in and connects directly to the Luna service. In bypassing your computer, phone, or Fire TV, latency is reduced a little further. And when it comes to cloud gaming you need that latency to be as low as possible. Amazon says it can reduce it by up to 30ms versus using a Bluetooth controller, which is huge.

The controller itself has a whiff of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller about it and is dressed in black with purple accents. It can also be used with a PC as a regular controller over Bluetooth or USB when you’re not playing Luna.

But what about the Luna service, is it any good? Assuming you can get it, there’s a lot to like. For starters, Prime members can get playing without any additional spend. Amazon supplies a number of titles that can be played at no extra charge through Prime Gaming. Right now, Castlevania Anniversary Collection and Overcooked 2 are just a couple of the available Prime Gaming titles.

Luna is broken down into channels, and to play the games you want to enjoy you subscribe to the relevant channel. Luna+ is where you’ll find the biggest releases, but fans of retro games or those looking for a family-friendly selection are also catered for. Ubisoft+ also brings the publisher’s biggest games to Luna.


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