San Marcos is the first public university connected to the Backbone Network to access the highest speed Internet


This is a machine translation of the original press release issued in Spanish

The National State Network (REDNACE) continues to strengthen the process of a digital transformation of the country and this is how it has allowed, through the Zero Payment modality, the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM) to become the first university to connect to the National Fiber Optic Dorsal Network (RDNFO). In this regard, the executive director (e) of Pronatel, Edgard Alvarado Barreto, commented that the adhesion of the UNMSM to the REDNACE constitutes an important milestone in the commitment of the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel) in promoting the strengthening of a digital society and to the achievement of national policies.

“San Marcos University will have an enabled capacity of 200 Mbps, which could later be increased depending on the need they have,” explained Alvarado Barreto. He added that, in the month of June of this year, Pronatel was already coordinating so that the San Marcos University is one of the first public educational entities to connect to the Internet at higher speeds, thanks to the Zero Payment modality.

For her part, the rector of this house of studies, Jeri Ramón Ruffner, has highlighted that thanks to the Internet connection of the Dorsal Network they will be able to promote the integration of their researchers, teachers and undergraduate and graduate students with the universities and research, both nationally and internationally, with which they will contribute to academic excellence and promote the development of the country. The Zero Payment modality implies that those operators, who connect to the REDNACE, are freed from the payment of data transport, for the traffic used by public entities, this with the objective of promoting the most efficient use of the installed capacity of the backbone network.

In addition, as long as telecommunications operators certify that they will serve a public institution, such as schools, medical posts, police stations, among others, they will not pay for the connection to the Dorsal Network and will only have to bear the cost of the last mile (connection from the Dorsal Network to the institution) or the link in Lima.

It is necessary to highlight that REDNACE is an access network, which will be used for the development of the Information and Knowledge Society, prioritizing education, health, national defense, security, culture, research and development and innovation to comply with the national policies and goals. Pronatel, an entity attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, reaffirms its commitment to continue joining efforts to accelerate the expansion of coverage, access and use of the Internet, in order to generate more opportunities for all.

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