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The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in green.

Over the past few years, Samsung has released a ton of “smart monitors” with high-resolution displays, DeX compatibility, and built-in Smart TV software. One model even has a 43-inch screen! But the new Smart Monitor M8 looks like the most practical (and attractive) implementation of Samsung’s interesting two-in-one desktop display concept.

Starting at $700, the Smart Monitor M8 features a 32-inch 4K display with a nearly borderless design. It’s the perfect size and resolution for working at your desk or watching TV from a small room. Notably, the monitor supports HDR 10+, comes with a magnetic webcam, and supports Alexa and Google Assistant. (Oh, and Bixby.)

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 with TV remote control.

An included remote helps you use the M8 like a TV, and its built-in Tizen software should sound familiar to Samsung TV owners. You can also stream content to the monitor using AirPlay, and oddly enough, it can run Microsoft 365 Apps natively, without connecting to a computer.

On the port side, we’re looking at one HDMI port and two USB-C ports with 65-watt passthrough charging. Only one of these USB-C ports supports video or data transfer. Although I don’t think desktop users will care too much Speaking of the M8’s limited port selection, people plugging their laptop into a monitor will miss the multitude of USB ports typically included with monitors at this price point.

The Smart Monitor M8 in green, white, pink and blue.

As for the design of the Smart Monitor M8, yes, it is clearly inspired by the new iMac. But I think these are the best smart monitors in Samsung’s lineup, and frankly, I’m just glad to see more companies selling screens that aren’t black or gray.

Due to its design, many people compare the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 to the new Apple Studio Display. While I don’t think that’s a fair comparison (Apple and Samsung focus on two very different feature sets), the Smart Monitor M8 seems like the best value. It’s bigger than the Studio Display and costs half as much (although Apple offers more pixels).

You can reserve (not pre-order) the M8 display now on Samsung’s website. The white model is $700, while the colored versions are $730. Once you reserve your monitor, Samsung will (eventually) allow you to pre-order the machine and give you a free $100 credit.

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