Samsung may soon use cheaper recycled parts to repair smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S22 Logo

Hadlee Simons/Android Authority


  • Samsung may soon launch a recycled spare parts program.
  • The initiative would aim to reduce smartphone repair costs for consumers.
  • Screen repair costs could be halved when the program takes effect.

Samsung is planning to launch a new program that could drastically reduce the cost of repairing your Galaxy phones.

According to a report by Business Korea, Samsung plans to introduce certified recycled parts for mobile repairs. These are parts made from recycled materials such as plastics, metals, etc. The initiative could be launched in the coming months, more precisely in the first half of this year.

The report suggests that by using recycled spare parts, Samsung could pass a lower repair bill on to users. The publication notes that things like screen replacement could cost half of what they cost today.

When it comes to the quality of recycled repair parts, Samsung aims for a level that can match that of new products. It’s unclear which smartphone parts will be available under the program and exactly how much they would cost.

Samsung has been promoting sustainable manufacturing for quite some time now. The Galaxy S22 series is one of the latest examples of its efforts. The phones use a new material made from discarded fishing nets.

Over the years, Samsung has also drastically reduced the amount of plastic and paper in its packaging. Recycled spare parts seem like a logical extension of Samsung’s sustainability efforts.


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