Samsung halts smartphone and chip shipments to Russia

The company currently holds 34% of the Russian mobile market

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate, we’ve seen several countries and corporations enact sanctions and block goods and services entirely. Following similar steps by Apple and Microsoft throughout this week, Samsung is taking action by stopping its products from entering the country.

As reported by Bloomberg, the company is ceasing shipments of both phones and chips to Russia. It’s a massive move, in large part due to the foothold Samsung has in the country’s mobile space. As IDC reported last November, 34% of phones in Russia were manufactured by Samsung, ahead of rivals like Xiaomi, Apple, and Realme. As Bloomberg notes, sales in Russia account for about 4% of the company’s smartphone revenue globally.


In a statement, Samsung told Bloomberg, “Our thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted and our priority is to ensure the safety of all our employees and their families.” Additionally, the company plans to donate $6 million to ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

This move comes just days after Apple announced it would halt sales in the country in response to the ongoing invasion. Microsoft followed suit earlier on Friday, announcing a freeze on products and services in Russia. Meanwhile, Google has restricted map data, specifically disabling live traffic reports and user-submitted data. With two major phone makers now out of the country, it’ll only get more difficult for residents to get their hands on a new gadget.

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