Safemoon card is new hype, Bitgert founder says cards are obsolete and continues cardless payments

Safemoon Card New Hype, Bitgert Founder Says Cards Are Obsolete, Continues Cardless Payments

by Analytics Insight
April 10, 2022


Bitgert, which is almost five months younger than Safemoon, provides a robust cardless payment system

The biggest development in Safemoon right now is the much-hyped Safemoon card. Well, that may sound good on the face of it, but what will the Safemoon card do? According to the information released by the team, it will be more like the normal VISA card except that it will transact in cryptocurrencies.

The Safemoon card can be used to make purchases and the transaction fee is only 2.5%. It will also be available virtually, among many other features. These features sound nice, but according to the founder of Bitgert (BREISE), this is an automated technology that will have no impact on the crypto industry.

According to the founder of Bitgert, the use of cards is outmoded and the market has shifted to cardless payments, now facilitated by blockchain technology. Therefore, Safemoon Card is not a product to be given much attention as its impact on the industry is absolutely zero.

Bitgert, which is almost five months younger than Safemoon, provides a robust cardless payment system. Using a range of products like the Paybrise, Bitgert will allow BRISE holders to purchase goods without using the cards.

It is also important to note that Safemoon has been falling over the past few months and has been slow to deliver products, unlike Bitgert. Learn more about these two cryptocurrencies below:


According to the founder of Bitgert, the Bitgert (BRISE) project offers some of the best solutions for transacting in cryptocurrencies and in real life. The Bitgert team is about to start developing the Paybrise products that allow merchants to easily accept $BREISE payments. The Brise Wallet also offers better solutions for handling crypto transactions.

But probably the most exciting thing is that Bitgert has its own blockchain, unlike Safemoon, which is the fastest chain and its gas fees are the lowest in the industry. Therefore, the Bitgert blockchain project offers the best and most up-to-date solution and not outdated cards.


Safemoon, like Bitgert, is a DeFi project whose investors complain about the slow development of this project. The Safemoon card is just a small irrelevant development that does not solve the problems encountered by this project. There are very few substantial products that have been launched, apart from the wallet and the Safemoon V2.

Even the launch of the Safemoon V2 failed to produce the widely expected growth as the SFM coin fell. Therefore, Safemoon Card is just a new hype that will not achieve any significant growth for the SFM coin. The Safemoon team needs to work on the exchange and its blockchain to compete with Bitgert and other 2021 projects.

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