Roku Now Bundles Its Best Streaming Box with Its Best Remote – Review Geek

The Roku Ultra bundle with the Voice Remote Pro.

Roku products offer a premium experience at a low price. But if you want the best Roku products, meaning the Roku Ultra and the Voice Remote Pro, you need to buy them separately for $120. That’s just silly, so Roku is now bundling these devices together for $99.

The Roku Ultra may be overkill for some people, but it’s still a steal for the price. It’s the fastest Roku player, it supports 4K video with HDR or Dolby Vision, and it offers Dolby Atmos for cinematic sound setups.

Pairing the Roku Ultra with the Voice Remote Pro just makes sense. Not only does this remote have a two-month rechargeable battery (which is the big selling point for me), but it lets you set personal shortcuts to your favorite services and has an integrated headphone jack. You can also ask Roku to help you find the Voice Remote Pro if you lose it, and yeah, there’s voice control.

The Roku Ultra bundle is available today for $99. If you want to buy these devices separately, the Roku Ultra costs $89 and the Voice Remote Pro costs $30.

Source: Roku

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