Ring Alarm Pro with eero WiFi 6 router and Internet backup is finally available

At its fall event in September, Amazon showcased a new Ring product called Ring Alarm Pro. As the name suggests, this model is part of the Ring home security product line, but with a unique twist: it has a built-in eero WiFi 6 router and optional backup internet service for those moments. where the home network is offline.

The Ring Alarm Pro combines Amazon’s home security platform with the eero WiFi 6 router, making it easier for the average person to secure their home and internet connection with just one device. The Ring Alarm Pro is essentially a concentrator device that can be used with additional sensors designed to detect things that may not work in the user’s home: flooding, freezing temperatures, smoke, and similar emergencies.

Additionally, Amazon also offers the Ring Power Pack as a backup battery for the Ring Alarm Pro to keep the system online in the event of a power failure. Beyond that, Ring Security Pro subscribers can also use an internet backup feature that uses cellular data to keep devices online if the customer’s primary internet connection goes down.

The Ring Alarm Pro system offers a number of features that users can access in the app associated with the product, including Home and Away modes to decide when to arm the system, a dashboard through which consumers can access the system. The Ring ecosystem can pull feeds from Ring security cameras and check on other devices, along with network management tools, customizable security settings, and real-time push notifications.

Full use of the platform would require purchasing the aforementioned Ring Protect Pro subscription, which can be paid monthly from $ 20 / month or annually from $ 200 / year. The subscription adds internet backup service, as well as access to Alexa Guard Plus, eero Secure, and 24/7 monitoring for things like medical and police dispatch when the security system is triggered.

As for the specs, the Ring Alarm Pro base station eero WiFi 6 router offers speeds of up to 900 Mbps, although this ultimately depends on how fast the customer has a plan. through its service provider. The base station can cover 1,500 square feet with WiFi connectivity; users who have larger homes will need to add eero 6 extensions throughout the home to increase coverage. The router has a dual-band radio and can support “at least” 75 wireless devices, according to Ring.

The big difference between the Ring Alarm and the new Ring Alarm Pro is that the Pro model includes optional internet backup service and the built-in eero WiFi 6 router. Additionally, Alarm Pro owners can optionally add up to six Ring Power Packs to provide additional power in addition to the main device’s built-in battery backup for expanded cellular data access.

The Ring Alarm Pro Base Station is now available for purchase for US $ 249.99 alone or as part of an 8- or 14-piece kit for US $ 299.99 and US $ 379.99, respectively. The Ring Power Pack, on the other hand, costs $ 129.99 per unit, with each power pack providing up to eight hours of battery life.

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