RF and microwave electromagnetic interference (EMI) test and measurement receiver offered by Rohde & Schwarz

MUNICH – Rohde & Schwarz in Munich is introducing the ESW EMI test and measurement receiver that can measure frequencies as high as 970 MHz in real time, while keeping a high dynamic range and measurement accuracy.

The R&S ESW receiver, which tests for electromagnetic interference (EMI), is one of the fastest EMI test receiver on the market, and offers bandwidth extensions as high as 1 GHz, and is for military, aerospace, commercial, and automotive applications.

The R&S ESW EMI test receiver will offer the possibility to increase its fast Fourier transform (FFT) bandwidth to 350 MHz with the R&S ESW-B350 option.

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With the R&S ESW-B1000 offering 970 MHz of FFT RF and microwave bandwidth, the R&S ESW can process the CISPR Bands C and D in one shot — even with quasi peak and CISPR average detectors working in parallel. The 970 MHz wide spectrum is measured in real time; users benefit from a gapless spectrogram.

Infrequent emissions can be observed over a long time and are detected with a much higher probability. Emissions from equipment under test going through a duty cycle are recorded over a broad spectrum of 970 MHz.

The R&S ESW-B1000 and R&S ESW-B350 will be available this fall. Both options are hardware extensions to the R&S ESW EMI test receiver. For more information contact Rohde & Schwarz online at www.rohde-schwarz.com.

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