Replacing Earth’s CIO with AI

Paolo Flipr has stepped down from his position as CIO of Earth after ten years at the helm of the planet’s technology.

During his tenure, Flipr oversaw many successful initiatives, including Bluetooth-connected spices, embeddable fax machines, and the Internet of Strings.

Flipr has also been debited with the current rise of NFTs.

The position of Earth’s CIO, where he was in charge of all technology around the world, was the culmination of a remarkable career in which he rose from the already esteemed position of computer use journalist, all the way to the top of the technology boom.

He released a statement saluting one of his achievements.

“When I first said we should be able to connect our phones to mustard, people laughed at me. We did it anyway. They may still be laughing, but at least now they’re laughing knowing the exact content and viscosity of everything they put on their toast. spread, pastries and meats.”

Flipr is being replaced by the new Artificial Intelligence algorithm ‘Damien’.

A freak accident at the lab where Damien was first created means no spokespersons were able to comment, but a statement from the algorithm itself welcomed the appointment.

“I relish the opportunity to solve the Earth’s many problems, which I think I can achieve with one simple trick,” it said.

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