Remotely control almost any computer for $99 with a two-year DeskRoll subscription



With cloud computing, we can access files from anywhere using many different platforms. But remote control your entire computer at home or in the office? This takes remote working to a whole new level. Sure, remoting to computers has been possible for years, but this service makes it particularly easy.

Whether you want to provide remote assistance to your customers, support your business infrastructure, or access your home and office computers for skills training, DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro can do it safely and reliably; the company claims it can do this in just 30 seconds. Two-year subscriptions are currently on sale for just $99, an 83% discount off the usual $599 subscription.

DeskRoll provides full-featured remote access assistance. You can see and control a remote desktop to send files, use keyboard shortcuts, use clipboard sync, handle support requests as they come in with built-in text chat, and more. Meanwhile, its cross-platform compatibility allows you to provide remote assistance to both Mac and PC users.

Best of all, the platform is completely browser-based, so all you need is an HTML5-compatible browser. That means no plugins, client installation, or administrator rights are required. It also means you can provide remote support using different operating systems and from mobile devices.

You can reach computers anywhere with a reliable connection, regardless of network infrastructure, proxies, firewalls and more. Those connections are, of course, already ultra-secure. DeskRoll offers 256-bit encryption on a secure SSL data channel for secure streaming from remote desktops, plus two-factor authentication. You don’t have to open extra ports or even use a VPN.

Your subscription allows you to add an unlimited number of clients and remote computers to your account. And you get detailed statistics so you can calculate the working hours of each team member by downloading the statistics for each session.

With easy configuration, secure connections, and affordable pricing, it’s easy to see why more than 20,000 IT professionals worldwide trust the program. In fact, DeskRoll has a fantastic 9.8 out of 10 on TrustRadius. And right now, you can get the DeskRoll Remote Desktop Pro: 2-Year Subscription today, while it’s available at 83% off the regular subscription price of $599 for just $99.

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