Redditor is backed by the internet after calling out woman in front of family

It is not uncommon for partners to disagree. But a Redditor wrote that their wife is angry with them after a dispute at a family gathering.

In their post on the “Am I the A**hole” Subreddit, which garnered 13,000 votes and more than 1,000 comments, the Redditor wrote sdgkoufcnkk that their eight-year-old wife is out of work and a stay-at-home mom.

At the family gathering, sdgkoufcnkk’s wife told them to leave early because the couple’s children had some things to do the next day. However, the children wanted to stay longer.

“My mom asked my wife if they could miss a day of practice to spend time with family, as the kids must have missed their cousins ​​too after not meeting them for nearly a year,” sdgkoufcnkk wrote. “My wife retaliated by saying that an illiterate woman would not know the importance of education and extracurricular activities.”

couple arguing
A Redditor posted about a disagreement they had with their wife after she insulted the Redditor’s mother at a family gathering.
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The Redditor explained in their post that their mother dropped out of school at a young age after losing her parents to support her siblings.

“She had the choice of going to school herself or sending her siblings to school,” sdgkoufcnkk said.

When her siblings got a job, they helped her until she got married. After her husband (sdgkoufcnkk’s father) died, she started getting two jobs and received some money from her siblings.

After their wife made her comment, sdgkoufcnkk wrote that their mother apologized for “overrun.” However, the Redditor was not happy with their wife and fired back.

“I told my wife that literacy clearly didn’t teach her (my wife) basic manners,” they wrote.

That reaction angered the woman, who went home with the couple’s children. sdgkoufcnkk wrote that the woman does not answer calls or texts. They explained that they may have been wrong in not taking their wife’s side and “insulting” her.

But the vast majority of fellow Reddit users wrote that sdgkoufcnkk wasn’t wrong.

“Your wife sounds awful and should show your mother all the respect in the world,” one comment read. “As many people on this site say, this is a huge red flag. Your wife is clearly looking down on others and has no respect for you or your family.”

Another pointed out that sdgkoufcnkk’s wife made her own comment about her mother-in-law in front of the rest of the family.

“They [thought] it was okay to humiliate your mother in front of the people she dropped out of school to support, their husbands and children, unprovoked at all,” they wrote. “Because your wife is giving you the silent treatment, you want maybe her time to cool off, and then ask her why she thought it was appropriate to say.’

Other commentators agreed. While some raised the possibility of divorce, some advised against it.

One wrote that by divorcing sdgkoufcnkk’s wife would likely gain primary custody of their children. Another said commentators shouldn’t make suggestions about getting a divorce without knowing the couple’s full relationship history.

“Woman is [the a**hole] here and OP is NTA, but we don’t know if this is a regular pattern of behavior or an isolated incident, we don’t know if there is a history of conflict between wife and mother, etc.”, one Reddit user wrote. “The wife is Mom owes a huge apology here, but if this is the only time she’s behaved like this, then it can be resolved.”

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