Red Retriever Delights Internet as He ‘Does Not Appreciate’ Hats Indoors

A dog that has been branded “an exceptional gentleman” has captured online attention for his upset at people wearing hats indoors.

In a post on Reddit’s r/rarepuppers forum, the video was shared on Wednesday and has since received more than 14,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

The red golden retriever named Mr. Knox is captured as he jumps up to remove a cap from a man’s head before walking away with it in his mouth. In the caption, alongside the video, poster and Reddit user AU_Lax10 wrote: “This is Mr. Knox. He does not appreciate when you wear hats inside.”

“He is an old school puppy,” said one commenter: “My dad taught me to always take off your hat when you go inside.”

Another viewer of the video wrote: “Mr. Knox is a master of petiquette.”

Another Redditor said: “What an exceptional gentleman.”

Historical etiquette has long determined that men’s hats in particular should always be removed indoors, including private homes, public buildings, and places of worship—apart from where it is customary to wear hats.

Etiquette-based family business The Emily Post Institute has been offering advice on everyday etiquette since 1922. The institute’s Lizzie Post told Newsweek: “Hat etiquette is one of those pieces of etiquette that you can sort of trace all the way back to the days of knights when they would lift their visors so you could really tell whether someone was friend or foe.

“Now, we lift our hats, or tip them, so that someone can see your face, especially during a quick introduction or greeting. It really is about letting your eyes and your face be something that people can connect with. That’s often why you have differences between if someone is wearing a beanie or a baseball hat.”

Throughout history, hats have identified social standing, and removing your hat has been a well-known sign of respect for centuries.

Now things are a little different. Post explained: “I think people wear hats indoors a lot of the time now—particularly that favorite baseball cap. Typically the more formal the setting, the less likely you are to be wearing a hat.”

When it comes to meal times it is always polite to remove your hat, Post said: “The dinner table is still one of those places where people will take their hat off for mealtimes. The other time is when we stand for the national anthem.

“It is not appropriate to remove someone else’s hat for them,” said Post: “Although adorable dogs do get the exception.”

“Nice to see my old high school teacher reincarnated into the goodest boy,” joked one commenter on the viral post of Mr. Knox’s polite antics.

“Mr. Knox is simply enforcing the dress code,” said another reply.

One Redditor agreed with the dog completely and said: “It’s very impolite to wear a hat inside so he’s just the goodest and politest boy.”

Newsweek has reached out to AU_Lax10 for comment.

Dog and no hats sign
A stock image of a Golden Retriever dog looking at the camera, left, and a stock picture of a no hats sign, right. The internet has delighted over a dog that will not allow people to wear hats indoors in a viral video.
Christine McCann/klee123/Getty Images


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