RC Airplane Challenge Coming In Quest, PSVR Next Week

Another VR flight game is soaring on Meta Quest (formerly Oculus Quest) and PSVR next week. This time it’s RC Airplane Challenge.

The game, developed by Honor and Duty studio Strange Games, will launch on both headsets on December 21. It will arrive on the PlayStation Store for PSVR and App Lab for Quest. It’s also available in Early Access on SteamVR since February 2021. Check out the latest preview of the game below.

As the name suggests, RC Airplane Challenge lets you lead miniature contraptions in both online and offline battles and challenges. You won’t be piloting authentic vehicles from a cockpit, but rather piloting a craft from a third person perspective. Virtual reality support is also optional in the PC version of the game.

Single-player mode features several key modes, including ring races, time trials, and bombing targets. When it comes to online modes, there are team air battles, a race to pop enemy balloons first, or destroy enemy bases. In battle, you unleash special attacks like the EMP blast seen above as you try to gain the upper hand over your opponents.

RC Airplane Challenge is one of the many VR flight games to watch out for right now. The SimplePlanes franchise has also just arrived on PC VR and Quest, and we recently took a look at the upcoming arcade flight sim, Ultrawings 2.

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