Rashaad Newsome’s New AI Being Promotes Decolonization through Voguing

Being leads the programming in this rear section, which contemplates the “capitalist imperialist white supremacist patriarchy” that disenfranchises and marginalizes communities, the emcee explains. During the hour-long voguing 101 crash course, the participants populate a stage below the projection of Being, who delivers an introduction to the history, structure, and poignancy of the dance form, followed by a participatory class, which culminates with a questionnaire surveying participants’ takeaways from the experience.

The education is delivered in good hands: Being is a curious mind and a generous thinker whose references on decolonial thinking range from bell hooks—whom the teacher refers to as their “ballroom mother,” thanks to her theories on the intersection of race, capitalism , and gender to understand Black self-realization—to the consumerist dilemma of high-end fashion items that occupy the dance floor today.


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