PS4: Sleirsgoevy updates host for 9.00 firmware exploit

Developer sleirsgoevy has pushed an update to the 9.00 Jailbreak, replacing the Mira Loader with jbc_loader, more versatile than the mira Loader, and arguably cleaner when you don’t actually need Mira.

PS4 9.00 Jailbreak status

The 9.00 PS4 Jailbreak is the latest and greatest way to hack your PS4 (people on higher firmwares will have to wait for a new exploit, or try to buy a low firmware PS4). Sleirsgoevy has been providing his own implementation of the Jailbreak here.

What his latest update does is replacing the Mira Loader with jbc_loader, a firmware agnostic loader, which according to some, could be more stable, or at least more versatile, than the currently used mira loader. Of course, for people actually willing to load Mira, the mira loader is still required.

Should I update my PS4 Jailbreak with this new release?

If you haven’t encountered any issues with the PS4 Jailbreak on your 9.00 PS4, keep things as is. If you’re wanting to check what the change might bring to you however, whether it loads faster, or is more stable, you can give a try to Sleirsgoevy’s implementation on his host at

Choose any option that is not “JB+MIRA”, of course: The Mira launcher still loads Mira (duh)

The source code can be downloaded on Sleirsgoevy’s github, for those of you who host the Jailbreak locally.


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