Predictive analytics, machine learning and computer vision are transforming virtual care in patient rooms and critical care environments

As part of our HIMSS22 conversations around the smart hospital, we’ll take our audience through a tour of the transformations we’re seeing in these contexts. In this podcast, Chris Gough, General Manager of Health and Life Sciences at Intel, will discuss how virtual care is transforming patient rooms and critical care environments. In addition to exploring the benefits of these advancements:

  • From recording to imaging, smart hospitals are deploying AI, IoT, 5G networks and other edge-to-cloud technologies for enhanced connectivity and secure data sharing to deliver better patient experiences, streamline workflows and reduce costs.
  • Virtual inpatient care solutions at these digital-first facilities are deploying predictive analytics, machine learning and computer vision technologies
  • The benefits of these solutions include better patient outcomes, increased operational efficiency and reduced pathogen exposure for patients and healthcare staff.

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