Pokémon Go creator says metaverse is a nightmare

Pokemon Go Niantic Founder and CEO John Hanke would like to step back from the Metaverse conversation for now and focus on the future of worlds that can be layered on top of the real world, he said in a blog. In it, he admits that the metaverse is a “cool concept” from a technological standpoint. However, he also says that the novels and games based on this concept “warn of a dystopian future of technology gone wrong.” Instead of digging deeper into the metaverse, Hanke would prefer to use technology to “lean into the” reality of augmented reality. “

Explaining the purpose of his business, Hanke said they aim to encourage people to “get up, walk outside, and connect with the people and the world around us.” He added that technology should be used to elevate fundamental human experiences, not replace them.

In the Blog published on Niantic’s website, Hanke says that over the past few years, the benefits of technology have taken “a heavy toll” on people, “increasingly cutting us off from the experiences we value the most.”

Admitting that technology isn’t going anywhere, as it shouldn’t, he explained that the first step in allowing technology to help us was to create “technology that connects the real world (atoms) to digital (bits). ). Citing the Lightship platform, he said the goal is to create a real world experience enhanced by data, information and interactive technologies.

He explained that building the real-world metaverse depends on the intersection of two major tech companies. The first was to synchronize the state of several million users with the virtual objects with which they interact. For this, he cited the example of the Niantic Lightship platform, “which underpins Pokémon Go and all of our products and supports hundreds of millions of users around the world.”

The second is to “precisely link users and objects to the physical world,” Hanke said. “It requires a new type of card,” he said, adding that Niantic was building this card, working with users.

He also added that Niantic is working on AR glasses suitable for the outdoors. “In this future version, the Pokémon appear to you as if they are really there,” explaining the scope of the project.

“User privacy, responsible use, inclusive development processes and the recognition and mitigation of the potential impacts of AR technology on societies must all be considered now, not after the fact,” Mr. Hanke, describing the company’s vision as an opportunity to “harness technology to meet our needs, rather than the other way around.

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